Praise for Bo Dowden & Associates

T. Spillmon

“Awesome Agent

I’ve had a great experience with this agency. Eason is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive. I do not reside in the area, therefore, Eason has been a great representative looking out for my best interest and the adjacent property owners. I highly recommend Eason Dowden for all of your real estate needs!”

May 30, 2022


R. Darbonne

For anyone looking to buy homes or property in the Toledo Bend area, you can’t go wrong using Bo Dowden Realty. Eason Dowden was our realtor for over a year, and helped us find the perfect cabin! His knowledge and expertise regarding all the ins and outs of buying property in Toledo Bend are just as valuable as the property you are looking to buy! Without him, we could have easily made some costly mistakes! He puts all the pieces of the puzzle together for you, so that you really have a good idea as to what you are buying. I can not thank him enough! 7/30/19


I would be remiss in failing to thank you for all you did for me when you managed my place at Toledo Bend. We had a great 12+ year relationship. Without your help it would have been exasperating and no fun! you made all the difference. I will refer all renters and buyers to you. Thank you again!

S. Manuel

Eason Dowden showed us exactly what we were looking for he helped us unfortunately our Jeep went out and he drove us to a place to park and then stopped off at a mechanic shop tried to call rental cars tow trucks everything and this is after spending hours with us at property if you’re going to buy property up and around the area of Toledo Bend, I would recommend no one else but Mr Dowden. So far he is the only realtor that when we ask for water Frontage it’s actually there. the staff the commitment his commitment to us was over and above and beyond anybody that we have ever dealt with and we will continue to use Mr. Eason Dowden in the future!!”

J. West

Just a note of thanks for your company’s outstanding service. I have bought and sold many properties and I sold real estate in Houma. We were so impressed with Eason’s professionalism. One could not ask for more in an agent to represent them.